Cooking classes



    The day usually starts with a visit to S Ambrogio the local food market, where you will do some food shopping  and some tastings. Your driver will then drive you to Barbara’s house  close to Greve in Chanti you will start an hands-on class of abt. 3 hours, preparing a complete meal: one pasta dish (can be pasta or gnocchi or risotto), one meat dish (or fish on request) with side dish and a dessert. When ready, the guests sit  in the living room or in the garden and eat what they’ve prepared. Matching wines are served.

  • Pizza and Focaccia class

    Hands-on cooking class focused  on pizza and focaccia . We start from the dough to prepare 3 different kinds of pizza and focaccia ( deep, crispy, with cheese and vegetables). You will bring home a piece of Italy.

  • Pasta Class

    Hands-on cooking class dedicated to homemade pasta : gnocchi, tagliatelle, ravioli…. You will learn all the secrets of the most famous traditional italian dish!!!!

  • Pastry class

    Hands-on cooking class focused on traditional italian deserts: tiramisù, panna cotta, cannoli and tarte with custard and berries. this is your class if you want to become a real italian cake boss!!!!!

  • working with chocolate

    truffles and little pralines …starting from chocolate tempering.

  • gluten free

    The gluten free italian cooking , but  with pasta or pizza.

  • vegetarian cooking

    Legumes, vegetables, eggs and cheeses, many products for a cooking full of flavours

  • olive oil tasting

    3 extravergin olive oil from different areas to understand  how to choose the right oil for your taste: served with little apetizers

  • wine tasting

    3 wines ( red or white), from Tuscany or other Regions served with little apetizers.